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 Why We Should Connect

 I have a simple answer. I've been where you a newly certified beauty professional...or maybe you have a few seasoned years under your belt. 
I'm betting that you want to be busier, you want to make more money doing what you love...and you don't want to spin your wheels or blow your budget to get it! 

If you allow me to come along on Your business journey I can show you EXACTLY how I turned a small $800 a month hustle into a 10k+ a month business of my dreams, while averaging 40 'working' hours a month!

Success & Failure Professional

Absolutely...I've tasted utter failure(many times)...and have most recently been blessed with finding my passion and witnessing smashing success. I understand the struggle...and the Wins!

Unique Approach

What I teach you no other Lash & Brow Specialist is teaching. I focus on increasing your online visibility so You get More Clients, Make more Money, and Design a business you're Excited about! 

CEO Chat aka Free Education

I know what it feels like having $22 in your bank account, but a passion and fire to succeed. Join me on my CEO Chat's every week, for a intimate live session of education, stories, and information...And it's FREE!

Game Changing Training

Time to kick things up a tick or 10? My training and courses are promised to add value to your business, and set you up for client attracting success! Who doesn't want That for their business? 

CEO Chat...Free Education 

Don't go thinking that because 80% of what I share is free.. that it's all fluff. Because guess'd be wrong my friend! 

Remember when I said I've been where you are? I meant that...I've been broke, unhappy and frustrated because I didn't know where or how to start getting more lash extension clients. All I wanted was a way, I was working on my I got That, but what I needed was a WAY to Bring Me More Clients...Period!  

Industry specific tips, resources and information on how to do it, from someone Doing What I Do! And That's what I deliver...for YOU! 

 Exactly what I wanted when I was there! 

My goal here is:  to provide you with  focused, action-based tips  to beef up your online visibility, which brings you more clients and hem... and Makes You More Money!

Meet me on Instagram for my Live chats happening Wednesday's at 9 am(ish) Eastern! @The.Lash.CEO

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Happiness is waking up Every. Single. Day...
doing exactly what God put you here to do. 

Stylist Success Stories

Learn Microblading From Me!
Since 2015 I've been completely immersing my skill and love of Microblading to give my clients the brows they once had...or wish they had. During this time I've provided over 400 set's of brows and counting. 

I've also invested in my passion by training with 4 different Microblading brands so that I am poised to deliver the best possible Microblading education training for my students. 

By training with me, you'll have a beautifully well-rounded foundation that is focused on your success from the very beginning while adequately preparing you for this amazing service! Learn More...

Special Offer:
Train with Your Bestie!

$1k off!

  Schedule Microblading training with a friend and each of your will enjoy $500 off! Ask for details!

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